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Writers Workshop -
216 Story Ideas

Creating Story Ideas with Setting, Character & Story Problem

Audience:  Second-Sixth grades

Setting: Large or Small Group- classrooms, grade levels or several grade levels

Time: 45-60 minutes

This is my favorite writing workshop as EACH student leaves with their very own list of 216  possible story ideas! Hooray!

Working together and studying great picture books, we will define and discuss the 
elements of stories called settings, characters and story problems.  The highlight of this session will be the creation of a project that will give students story ideas to last the school year.    

Equipment:  I need to write on a board so that all of the students can see.  I’m happy to use a chalkboard, easel and paper, overhead projector, Dry Erase board, SMARTBoard, or any other equipment that your school uses for large presentations.

To schedule a visit and/or find out more information on fees, please contact Lisa at:



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Writing Workshop -
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