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About Lisa

A long time ago...
I grew up in the small town of Fairfield, Iowa, and we had a great library. I loved to pedal my bike across town to the library, stopping at the Handy Pantry to spend a quarter on candy.

I played a lot of sports (I earned 11 varsity letters in High School), but I always loved reading, too. I read Little Women five times in fifth grade, and that is a very thick book! It’s still my all-time favorite.

My mom always read books to me when I was little, and my dad reads constantly, too. But it was my Grandma Crockett who showed me I could be an author. She used to write stories about my sister, Sindy, and me. We were always the heroes! She would draw pictures to go with them and bind them with bright red yarn. When I read those stories, I was amazed. From that moment on, I wanted to be a children’s author.

Awhile ago. . .
I graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in elementary education. Then I married my wonderful husband. I taught fifth grade at Colonial Hills Elementary in Worthington, Ohio. I'm proud to say that I was never beaten in a footrace by any of my students!

I live in Wisconsin with my husband and daughter. All of us love to read and two of us love to write (my daughter and me!) We have a Brittany Spaniel named Coach.

I love...
-Sundays and church.
-the smell of a leather softball glove on a hot, summer day.
-a new box of crayons.
-chocolate cake, chocolate cookies, chocolate pie, chocolate
candy bars and chocolate ice cream. If they made chocolate meatloaf, I'd eat that, too!
-playing sports. Softball, tennis, volleyball and golf are some of my favorites.
-going on vacations and flying in an airplane.
-playing dolls with my daughter.
-looking at Lake Michigan. It’s so big, it reminds me of the ocean.
-being a children’s book author. It’s a great blessing.

I don’t like. . .
-to whistle, because I can’t do it.
-baiting a fish hook.
-touching Styrofoam. It gives me the willies.
-hard math problems.
-taking down the Christmas tree. It makes me sad.
-mowing the lawn.



Here is how to pronounce my name. listen

Mom, Dad and Lisa at Christmas
Lisa Moser today.

Lisa a long time ago
I'm two years old here. Look at that curly hair.

Mom, Dad and Lisa at Christmas
This is a picture of me with my mom and dad on Christmas day! 
 LIsa fishing with Grandma Crockett
This is me when I was about six years-old and my little sister, Sindy.

Grandma's home made books 
These are books Grandma made for my sister and me. They're some of my greatest treasures. 

Lisa and coach working 
Coach and I are both working. I'm working on a story. Coach is working on a bone.

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