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Just Like You

Audience:  Kindergarten-Sixth grades

Setting: Large or Small Group - usually it’s an all-school assembly

Time: 45 minute presentation followed by a 15 minute Q & A session

Equipment:  Schools need to have the capability to project a Power Point presentation onto a screen.  I will supply the computer, but the school needs the projection technology. 

This program is my most popular and often requested program which focuses on my writing process and how it parallels the way students write.

     “Sometimes I have great ideas.  Sometimes I sit in my chair and can’t think of a thing to write.  I’m just like you!  Some days writing is easy, and some days it’s hard. I’m just like you!  Some days people love my stories, and sometimes I have to go back and write it all over again. I’m just like you!”

       – Excerpt from the speech, “Just Like You . . ,” © Lisa Moser 2007

       Through stories and a Power Point presentation, I discuss:           
         • How I get my ideas
         • How I mold my ideas into stories
         • How I approach writing, rewriting and editing

Children love to hear the personal stories behind my books, and to my delight, they laugh often and much as the stories unfold.

Throughout my speech, I emphasize how an author brings “heart” to a story.  The author sees or hears something that gives them an idea for a story.  Combining that idea with the author’s feelings, thoughts and experiences, a story blossoms into a rich, meaningful piece of writing that is as unique as the individual who wrote it. 

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