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Lisa's Favorites

Favorite books about writing. . .

• Asher, Sandy.  Where Do You Get Your Ideas?  Favorite authors reveal their writing secrets.Walker and Company:  New York, 1987.

• Harrison, Barbara and Gregory Maguire.  Origins of Story.  Margaret K. McElderry Books:  New York, 1999.

• Paterson, Katherine.  Gates of Excellence:  On Reading and Writing Books for Children. Dutton Children’s Books:  New York, 1981. 

• Pope, Alice, editor.  Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market.  Writer’s Digest Books:Cincinnati, Ohio. 
    *There is an edition printed every year, and I highly recommend looking at the most current edition.

• Suen, Anastasia.  Picture Writing:  A New Approach to Writing for Kids and Teens. Writer’s Digest Books:  Cincinnati, Ohio, 2003. 

• Yolen, Jane.  Take Joy.  Writer’s Digest Books:  Cincinnati, Ohio, 2006.



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