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First Grade Writing Workshop

Creating Story Ideas with Setting, Character & Story Problem

Audience:  First grade

Setting: Individual classrooms

Parent volunteers play an important role in this writing workshop.  A ratio of one volunteer to every 5 or 6 students is ideal.

Before I ever sit down to write a story, I think deeply about characters, conflict, and resolution.  I create a plan of where I want the story to go and what I want to happen.  Using this very same process, first graders will develop two distinct characters, a problem, and a resolution.  They will write their ideas on their story map and share them with classmates.

I absolutely love this writing workshop.  There is nothing like first graders’ joy when they’re writing a story!

Equipment:  Schools will provide a copy of the Story Map for each student. I will send them a template of the Story Map well ahead of time so they can make the needed copies. Students need to bring a pencil and the Story Map to the session.

Time: 45-60 minutes

To schedule a visit and/or find out more information on fees, please contact Lisa at:


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