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Welcome to my website!  I feel incredibly blessed to be a children’s author.  My hope is that you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoyed writing them.

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Stories from Bug Garden, Candlewick Press on March 22nd, 2016


Stories from Bug Garden
One by one by one, the bugs move into a forgotten garden. They make friends, go on adventures, and learn to call this very special place Home. Come peek between the blades of grass at the secret lives of a garden’s tiniest inhabitants.

Squirrel's Fun Day
Squirrel wants to have a fun, fun, fun day, but Mouse is too busy. Turtle is too sleepy and Rabbit is too worried. It's Squirrel to the rescue!

Cowboy Boyd and Mighty Calliope
Calliope isn't like all the other horses at the Double R Ranch. She's a rhinoceros, and Boyd has a real strong belief in her.

Railroad Hank
Railroad Hank and his fine little train are headed up the mountain. He's heard that Granny Brett is feeling kind of blue, and he is bound and determined to help.

Perfect Soup
All Murray wants is a carrot for Perfect Soup, but everyone demands some outrageous favors in return.  When Snowman offers a simple gift, asking nothing in return, Murray learns that friendship is more important than perfection.

Kisses on the Wind
Grandma takes Lydia on a very special walk and teaches her how to say good-bye, and more importantly, how to keep love alive.

Squirrel's World
Squirrel is busy, busy, busy. He has to help all of his friends—usually to disastrous results.

The Monster in the Backpack
The Monster in the Backpack is the story of a lively little monster and the girl who comes to love him.

Watermelon Wishes
Charlie has the seeds in his pocket. Grandpap has the watering can.


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